You are a doctor or medical professional who is curious about a different way of showing up in your work and wider life. You are looking to make some sustainable changes, and learn some tools to create a steady practice.

You realize that you want to create change but you haven’t really explored any new practices that may benefit your work life. Maybe you have tried an App or been to a wellness talk but haven’t actually integrated anything you have learned, or maybe you haven’t had anything reach you deeply enough. In your working life, you may have noticed challenges in one or more of the following areas:


You've been feeling unexcited & underwhelmed about going to work


Small challenges are starting to become unmanageable burdens


You are starting to lose connection with the patient in front of you


The stress of work is beginning to leaking into your personal life


Sometimes you are going through the motions of practice with little feeling


You are starting to lose touch with the sense that medicine is a noble profession

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How We Can Help

Whether you are at the start of your journey, or you have taken some steps to integrate some tools or practices to change your relationship with your work, we can help you to:

  • Implement meditation tools and techniques that give you more presence in the workplace
  • Find the deep well of compassion within yourself that you can keep renewing
  • Reconnect with your excitement and passion about serving others in medicine
  • Deal with the weight of responsibility that you face as a physician
  • Develop heart-centered resilience for the daily challenges of modern medicine.

With a background as an Emergency Medicine Physician, and a deep personal training in Eastern traditions which she practices in everyday life, Wendy Lau MD can support you to reignite with your passion in your work and wider life.