Many western physicians nowadays do not yet understand the power of trust in the healing journey. They do not understand the power of nocebo and medical hexing. They do not yet fully use the power of love and connection with patients to facilitate healing and wellbeing. I want to be the bridge between physicians and patients until the time when such a bridge is no longer necessary (hopefully in the the near future).

I use meditation, coaching and mindset change to help you overcome years of ingrained beliefs about your health that are blocking you from living in your full well-being. As a physician, I serve as your interpreter of medical lingo and help you understand your interactions with your medical professionals. I can help you gain an understanding of your diagnoses and treatment choices so that you can be the captain of your own health rather than a passive participant. I want you to be able to advocate for yourself and reap the full benefits of healthcare. And as a meditation teacher, yoga and martial arts teacher, and qigong practitioner I can help you safely choose other modalities of healing to augment your health. Together, we can figure out a plan to implement habit and lifestyle changes from a place of wholeness, without judgement.

From a place of deep self-love and connection, we will define what wellness truly means for you and find a path to it together.

You’re not alone.

Who We Are

With a background as an Emergency Medicine Physician, and a deep personal training in Eastern traditions which she practices in everyday life, Wendy Lau MD can support you in your personal journey in health by deeply connecting with your own power of healing. She can guide you in using both Western and Eastern healing modalities to support your well-being.

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